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Your preparation for the PAT exam should include:
  • Do all the PAT past paper questions at least once
  • Attempt all the BPhO (British Physics Olympiad) AS Challenge questions, especially the multi-choice questions
  • Complete the old Oxford PAT maths papers
  • Attempt as many of the supplementary questions as possible (available on the course)
There will invariably be questions you will find difficult, especially from the supplementary questions or just questions you'll want to check the answer to. If so, post a message on this page with the year (if applicable) & question number and question category (Oxford PAT Paper, BPhO Paper, Supplementary Questions or questions posted to this page), and we'll create a link in the table below and start a discussion on that particular question navigated to using the link.

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Oxford PAT, BPhO, Supplementary Questions


Oxford PAT Past Paper Solutions BPhO Papers Supplementary Questions
(available on course)
PAT 2022    
PAT 2021    
PAT 2020    
PAT 2019 BPhO AS 2019  
PAT 2018 BPhO AS 2018 Gases
PAT 2017 BPhO AS 2017 Maths
PAT 2017 Specimen BPhO AS 2016  Mechanics
PAT 2016 BPhO AS 2015 Circuits
PAT 2015 BPhO AS 2014  Buoyancy
PAT 2014 BPhO AS 2013  Optics
PAT 2013 BPhO AS 2012  Fields
PAT 2013 Specimen BPhO AS 2011 Solar System
PAT 2012 BPhO AS 2010   

PAT 2011

BPhO AS 2009  
PAT 2010 BPhO AS 2008  

PAT 2009

BPhO AS 2007   
PAT 2009 Specimen    
PAT 2008    
PAT 2007    
PAT 2006    
PAT 2002    
PAT 2001    
PAT 2000    

Revision Courses

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