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A-level Physics & Maths Courses & Tuition 2024 Testimonials

☆ "Thank you for helping my son last year. He did really well at A Level in all 3 subjects - Maths was great. Thank you."

☆ "Wish you a very happy new year . Thanks so much for updating and appreciate you always accommodating him when he changes the dates . Also appreciate your direct communication with him. Thanks again for your support to him, it has been immensely beneficial to him and the biggest support. Best wishes "

A-level Physics & Maths Courses & Tuition 2023 Testimonials

☆ "Thank you so much for supporting her. The family is very grateful and they have just said that she's learnt a lot and the lessons have opened up new ways of thinking for her."

☆ "I choose Glasgow which has been good. Nice city. Maths was great and the percentage was well clear of the A* boundary (A* 260/300: 9MA0/1 92/100 A* 9MA0/2 85/100 A* 9MA0/3 83/100 A*) thanks to your teaching. Summer was good. Hope all is well with you."

☆ "Thank you very much for the (summer) revision courses. He said it was very interesting and great revision before school starts."

☆ "Dear Dr Anthony Korte,
I am just messaging to say a big thank you. I attended your 4 day A level maths revision course at the LSE in April earlier this year. I received my results this morning and I achieved an A in Maths which I am very pleased with, as before your course I was averaging a grade C. You were very in-depth and managed to cover pretty much the whole syllabus in 4 days, so thank you very much!
Kind regards"

☆ "I just wanted to let you know that I received an A* in physics and maths, and an A in further maths. I was off the A* by around 14 marks, but I somehow managed to get 75/75 on the FM2 exam! I mainly messed up on the first paper for Core pure which lowered my overall grade. So overall ended up with A*A*A*A.
I’m going to be heading to UCL to study computer science, just wanted to say thank you for all your help!"

☆ "He achieved 9s in both physics and maths I’m delighted to say!
He has gained a lot more confident based on his results (7 9s, 2 8s and a 7) so hopefully this will translate into a more positive sixth form experience…
He did say he was writing to you to say thanks!"

☆ "I just wanted to say thank you for your help over the exam season. I’ll let you know how it goes! Thanks again. "

☆ "Hi Anthony,
I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your input and help with my physics and maths. I have learnt a lot! I think my final few exams went well, but I will let you know when I receive my results in august!"

☆ "Hi Anthony,
I just wanted to let you know that I made my grades for Oxford and am off to St Anne’s in October!"

☆ "Hi Anthony,
I hope you are well and the dust is settling from A-Level results day.
She made her Oxford offer so is off to St Anne’s in October, which is great news.
Results were:
Maths - A* - strong A* as expected
Further Maths - A - a very high A only 2 marks of 300 from A*. She had one Pure paper with some timing issues, so this may have cost the A*, but still a very good result. As she is so close to A* her teachers are double checking her scripts.
Anyway thanks again for the advice and your role in her achievement and we will be in touch again soon."

☆ "Dear Anthony
I thought I would let you know that she got an A in her maths A level. She was pleased with it and thought it a fair mark.
Thank you again so so much for all your help.
I have sent you an amazon voucher with our gratitude"

☆ "Dear Anthony
Thank you so much for all work you have done for the boys. They loved working with you and we all missed you coming to the house after covid. It really has been a journey and it won’t be the same without your sessions every weekend as we consider you part of the family. Hopefully we can still keep in touch.
Best wishes"

☆ "Afternoon sir, just letting you know I got my GCSE results today and I got a 9 in Maths, with 206 marks. Thanks for your help again."

☆ "Hi Anthony, he has just recieved his results!
Am I reading right? 9 is A* equivelent right?
And 2 9's in science I think
So 3 A* and 4 A's equivelant 7A*/A's combined...he has done very well and we are all proud of him"

☆ "She got an AAA. Will be going to Bristol for Economics. Hope you had a good summer.
Thanks so much for the wonderful tutoring you supported her with. She truly appreciated you as a teacher for Maths."

A-level Physics & Maths Courses & Tuition 2022 Testimonials

☆ "A kind, caring and experienced tutor.
An absolutely brilliant tutor who is professional, passionate and committed to his students success. His extensive knowledge and experience was demonstrated over the weekend physics/maths course and also in 1-1 tuitions which my son always looked forward to. Anthony undoubtedly played a huge role in my son’s success in the PAT ultimately gaining an offer to read engineering at Oxford. He is very grateful for all your time and support, thank you!"

☆ "Happily, she got an A* in Maths and got the grades to take up her place at Oxford to read Experimental Psychology. A very happy ending! I know she found your course valuable, so thanks for your contribution to the effort!"

☆ "Dear Anthony, Happy New Year! We got A* in Maths and got into our first choice of university. Thank you and kind wishes."

☆ "My first son was doing a resit he got a C. Now doing a 3/4 apprenticeship with Mace Group.
My other son got an A he study really hard. He took a year out now looking for an apprenticeship or university place..
Both said the course was very good we have just recommended it to a friend this week. Could u pls send me a link and I will forward it onto them."

☆ "Thank you for an excellent and intense 4 day Maths course. We're all getting used to living and working online but Mr Korte clearly has the advantage on most and seemed to be very used to teaching online. His classes were engaging and challenging and he managed to maintain the students' interest throughout. My son was glad to have finally understood some of the work previous teachers had failed to explain clearly. Thank you very much."

☆ "Great feedback from my teenager who attended both Maths & Physics days. Really useful and helpful revision for PAT. Covered key elements of syllabus (including new areas) with plenty of time to do questions, as well as giving lots of tips on how to approach specific styles of questions and timing. Anthony asked in advance what aspects we wanted to include, and also followed up after the course with further advice and information (plus a good luck message). As a parent I was impressed by admin and communication."

☆ "Outstanding. The course was very extensive, helping me extend my knowledge beyond my A level syllabus. I was opened to new ways of thinking, and was taught to tackle complex problems using alternative methods. I would definitely recommend this course to other students."

☆ "As before thanks for the focused spring revision week for my son. He came up from a low base, and improved his grades for further maths from E to C and A level maths from D to B. He was offered a place at York university studying for a BSC in Economics."

☆ "Dear Anthony, thank you very much for all your effort with my son. He has got a 9 in his Physics and is absolutely thrilled! Best wishes"

☆ "Dear Sir, This course has been amazing and I can't thank you enough for your patience!
I believe in the butterfly effect so I hopw you know you have potentially changed my life (and a lot of others) - getting the grade in maths that I need will allow me to do the course I want at uni and hopefully progress onto bigger and better things in life. Not only have you taught maths, you have taught us valuable life skills. Thanks!"

☆ "Hi I was actually going to message you to say a huge thank you for the 4 days of maths course you provided.
She has come home with nothing but compliments about your teaching style and also the course itself!!
She thoroughly enjoyed it and unbelievable was a little sad that it had ended!!!
I do know that she’s written a short list of topics that she would still like a little help with prior to the exams. Would she be ok to contact you about these and then maybe we can work out if that’s something you could help her with online or via email?
Thank you so much again…!"

☆ "Thanks again for all your excellent teaching and motivation!"

☆ "Dear Anthony, I just wanted to thank you as a parent, for your unbelievable support and excellent A ‘level maths course this last weekend. My son did the 4 days and it was actually the highlight of his Easter!! The quality of the teaching was fantastic and he learnt so much. He met a great group of peers, all striving to do better. Its thanks to people like you running these courses to help these children, that makes all the difference. Its been a tough couple of years for A’level students so they have really needed your support.
If you are running any further 1 day refresher courses up to the exams do please let us know as he would be keen to attend.
Again, our many thanks and our fingers are crossed as our son deserves to do his best this summer. So grateful, thanks."

☆ "We wanted to let you know that my daughter got a grade 7 in Maths, which we are all very happy with. Thank you so much for all your help and support in giving our daughter the skills and confidence to tackle the papers, this was a big help towards getting the result, and she worked hard under your guidance."

☆ "Just to let you know that my daughter did really well on her math test. She scored 65%. She was second in the class with her score. She was over the moon. When she gets her paper back, we will get in touch again. I think she needs to know how to use that £100 complicated calculator. Thank you very much again for you help and patience with her."

☆ "Anthony is a great tutor. He is meticulous , preparing the session in advance. His method of teaching Physics uses questions based learning. My son is year 12 and enjoys his Physics lessons. We will continue next year."

☆ "Dear Anthony, I am actually an old student of yours, i don't know if you remember me.
I don't need your help again, at least not yet (I will maybe in the near future message you for some advanced physics lessons) - however i really wanted to THANK YOU sir!!! - you, among two others really helped me to excel during a time of great sadness and stress… it is the vision of being as clever and collected as you were that keep me striving to be better every day! - Thanks to yourself and your help I am now a Graduated Chemical Engineer with a 2.1 and I have a lot of personal improvements I am practicing until I get the first job! - among the self improving methods they all suggest to tell the people that helped you succeed about how much that meant to you, and I only had your name and the fact that you were and OXFORD and IMPERIAL graduate… luckily google found you swiftly! :) - so I am glad I am able to message you and say that if not anything else, you really helped to form me into the engineer I am today! - You really helped!! and I very much appreciate all you did for me then!! - keep it up with future generations because I'm sure they will appreciate it in the future as I am! - anyways I didn't want to make this too long! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!"

☆ "We thought you’d like to know that our daughter achieved a B grade in her A level Maths. This is what she needed to study engineering at Nottingham university. She’s thrilled and we are very grateful for all your help and support. She really benefited from the one to one tuition and the intensive course. You were able to build her confidence; no mean feat following her mock result! Many thanks for all your patience and support. Kind regards"

☆ "I'm pleased to let you know that my predicted grade for physics is now an A*. Thank you so much for all of your help and support these last few months!"

☆ "Many Thanks Anthony for all your support and efforts."

☆ "We are so grateful for your support. Our son seems fairly buoyant after the PAT. Thankyou so much for your help."

☆ "I think you will know by now from he that he has an interview invite (St Edmond & St John’s)! He is very happy but realises more hard work yet to be done! Thank you again for your continued support to him, we really appreciate it."

☆ "Just wanted to let you know I’ve been invited to interview! Date for both is on 14th December one by Teddy Hall and one by St Johns.""

☆ "We are over the moon for our son and his unconditional engineering offer at St Edmund Hall! I want to thank you for the tremendous and continued support you provided him for both the PAT preparation and interviews, I am convinced he couldn’t have done it without your help! We are happy this chapter is over and we hope he can make the most of this wonderful opportunity; he is still walking around in a slight daze!"

☆ "Oxford Decision: Just wanted to tell you, I GOT IN!!! Thank you for all your help"

☆ "Hi Anthony. Pleased to let you know that we have an interview call from Oxford New College. Would you have some time to do a few more sessions with him before his interview next week? Thank you."

☆ "Hi Anthony, Just wanted to say a massive thank you!! I got my Oxford offer today and I am thrilled, I would not have been able to do it without your help and guidance."

☆ "Hi Anthony, I am thrilled to receive an offer from Trinity on Tuesday. Thank you for the lessons, they were very helpful for my interviews!"

☆ "Just a quick note to say my son, who did your PAT course at the beginning of October, received the fantastic news that he has been invited for an interview at St Hugh’s college to read Physics. He said he feels the course really helped him prepare for the test and definitely got him those all important marks that saw him over the line. Thanks again"

☆ "Dear Anthony. Alex was please receive an invite from Oxford to attend interviews in the next couple of weeks. Would you have time in the next few days to accommodate 2 more practice sessions with him? Thanks and kindest regards."

☆ "Hi Anthony. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your help with my son's interview preparation. He found your sessions really useful and also the PAT prep course as that helped massively in the interviews, he said. We couldn’t thank you enough. Your sessions challenged him appropriately and gave him confidence as well! So thank you!"

☆ "Dear Mr. Korte, Just to update you: I just received an Engineering offer from Trinity College, Oxford! I have also received an offer for Imperial, which I will probably choose as my insurance!"

☆ "Thank you very much for all your help both during the online course and after! Yours tips and explanations helped me do well and feel confident in both the PAT and the interviews!" 

A-level Physics & Maths Courses & Tuition 2021 Testimonials

☆ "Thank you ever so much for all your organisation and hard work in running the Easter 2021 courses (four day Maths A-Level course and 2 day Physics A-Level course). I was very impressed with the level of detail you provided over the phone and email prior to us committing to the courses. This coupled with your friendly, courteous approach and can do attitude instilled confidence that were were making the right choice and spending our money wisely. Of course your qualifications speak for themselves! It was lovely to receive your follow up call enquiring as to how our son did in his A-Level exams.
Our son thought that the courses were extremely beneficial to him in achieving his A-Level grades (he obtained an A* for Physics and A for Maths) thereby enabling him to obtain a place at a Russell Group University to study joint honours degree of Maths and Physics.
We are immensely grateful for all your help as you have contributed to his success. As you know we have already recommended your 2022 Easter course to our close friends given their daughter is studying Maths A-Level. Thanks again for all your excellent teaching and motivation!"

☆ (Oxford PAT) "I just wanted to let you know that Reuben has been offered a place at Oxford today and we are obviously all absolutely delighted as it’s at his first choice college too (Keble College). Thank you so much for all your input and advice with Reuben on preparing for the PAT, we really appreciate it."

☆ (Oxford PAT) "The interviews went quite well. I was very prepared thanks to the questions I had done with you and I found the interviews less challenging than I expected, however I was still asked some tricky questions. Thank you for all the help. It made a massive difference. I am glad to say that Oxford gave me an open offer of A*A*A. Thank you for all your help, this would not have been possible without you. I will now focus on getting those A level grades and I will recommend your help to anyone wishing to study a stem degree in the future."

☆ "I got A* in all the subjects! Thank you so much for the support! You are also the best teacher I’ve ever had. Thank you so much again!"

☆ "I wanted to write to thank you for the incredible level of support you have given her. The emotional support has been truly above and beyond what we could possibly have imagined. I am so very grateful to you, With many many thanks."

☆ "Thank you so much for all the help, you have been fantastic, gone above and beyond as a tutor. Hopefully it all pays off, so thank you again. I got my results on Tuesday, it was just about what I needed to get my place confirmed at Southampton which was my first choice. Maths – A*, Physics – A. Thank you for your help in getting here. Many thanks"

☆ "She got 3 A* this year- French, chem & further maths so she’s v pleased as are we. Thx for tutoring her & helping her achieve her grade!"

☆ "She got an A in maths. Thank you so much for all you help. I don’t think she would have managed without it."

☆ "Thank you for all your help with their A levels and GCSEs. You’ve made a huge difference to their confidence and ability."

☆ "I hope you are having a nice summer so far. Just to let you know I got a 9 in my maths GCSE I am very pleased!! Thank you so much for all your help this year and see you in September!"

☆ "He got in his A level exams these results: Math A*, Physics A. Many thanks for your help, which was very successful in helping him perform well."

☆ "A. achieved 3A* and a D1 in physics PreU and is delighted to have secured Oxford. L. achieved 12 grade 9s and is very chuffed. Shame they were not able to sit real exams but you can only do what’s put in front of you. Thank you for the immense support and mentorship you have given them."

☆ "Just to let you know she has got an A* in Physics. She will be in touch but letting you know as well. Thank you again for your support!"

☆ "Just to let you know I got A*A*A* A grades. The A* grades were in Maths, Further Maths, Physics ( plus a pass in the 12 experiments). The A grade was in Economics. A little disappointed I couldn't score a 4th A* but a decent performance in the context of all the time constraints this year. Thanks for help this year. It clearly made a difference. I just want to say thank you for everything so far and your support too. "

☆ "We were very pleased that she got an A in Maths and a B in Physics, which meant that she is able to take up her place to study engineering in Birmingham. Many thanks again for your help!"

☆ "Thanks a lot for all your help. He did get the A he needed in physics (and A* A A overall which gets him to Nottingham)."

☆ "I’m just letting you know I’ve been offered a place at Oxford (Pembroke) and I’m delighted. I really think our sessions helped me prepare for the PAT and interview, so thank you very very much!"

☆ "I really enjoyed working with you too — thank you so much for all your help! Yes, I actually just moved in this week to university in the US! I ended up deciding on UC-Berkeley (in California)."

A-level Physics & Maths Courses & Tuition 2020 Testimonials

☆ (A-level Maths & Physics Courses) "We wanted to thank you for all your hard work running the two day maths course this weekend. He really enjoyed the sessions and found them very useful in his preparation for the October exams. He has so much more confidence as a result of the course and is motivated to do well. He is looking forward to the Physics course with you this weekend. With grateful thanks."

☆ A-level Maths result: A*. "Thank you so much for your kind words, getting the UCL offer was fantastic today, but I’m even happier with the lessons and support I received from you. Not only did my confidence and ability improve hugely, but it really made me find a passion in the subject again. I’m immensely grateful, and will be in touch if I ever need your tutelage again."

☆ A-level Maths result: A*. "After hearing about your experience at UCL I am really excited to start.I’d also like to thank you for pushing me this year in order to achieve my maths grade and I could not have asked for anything more."

☆ A-level Physics result: A*. "Thank you very much, I’m so glad the work paid off! I did make it to my first choice and am so happy, thank you for all your help this year it has been a pleasure. "

☆ (Oxford PAT) "I just wanted to let you know that I received an offer to study Engineering at New College, Oxford. I found your PAT course extremely valuable land helpful, alongside the many extra resources that you provided as part of the course, and so just wanted to thank you very much for all your help!"

☆ (Oxford PAT) "Hope you are well. Excitingly, I got my offer for Physics and Philosophy today at A* A A at St Hilda's!Thank you so much for all your support throughout, this would not have been possible without you. Thanks and best wishes"

☆ "Thank you so much for getting in touch and I hope you are well. I was very pleased with my grade I received, which was an A, and I got into my first choice university, Edinburgh, to study economics. Thank you so much for your help and your course, which was very helpful. "

☆ "Thanks for the follow up. She is now happily studying CivEng at Bristol University. She received Grade A in Physics and Maths and A* in Economics. She was very pleased with these and fortunately side stepped some of the anxiety that accompanied the grades fiasco following Exam grades reverting to CAGs as she was accepted onto the Bristol course via UCAS on the exam results day itself. Onwards and upwards!"

☆ "Thank you for your email, I hope you are well?  It has indeed been a very difficult past 12 months. I hope you have managed to adapt? He was initially given very poor results (BBE) but these were upgraded to AAC once the government U turned and assigned CAGs. He missed out on his first choice and his insurance place and is now studying Aerospace Engineering at Swansea. I think he’s happy there though of course it’s hard to tell because he has yet to meet any of his tutors or fellow students in person.   Many thanks for getting in touch, I hope he does the same should he have any questions about Maths or Physics!"

☆ She did manage to get the grades following the Government decision to change the way they allocated them after results day.Thankfully, she was offered her first place university place, even though she did not make the grades she had been offered: A*AA on results day (A grade in Physics). Many thanks"

☆ "I got my IB scores yesterday and I finally have a 7 in (IB HL) Physics!! I am really proud and happy about this.Thank you again for you help:))(2 days later):Good news: I just got into Imperial college!!!"

☆ "Thank you for following up. Yes, he got his grade A* and went to Manchester, his first choice. But life at uni is really difficult with no contact with teachers, students from his course. No lab, no experiment. All in his room with his computer. Tough.Good luck with the business. I know he enjoyed your course."

☆ "He got a A* grade in English Literature and a B grade in Physics, both of which he's chuffed with. It put him in a great position for his University application (which is currently live) for a BA in English Literature with Creative Writing. He has 5 offers already and will be making his primary and reserve choice soon. This year he's taking A levels in Psychology and Maths (he has studied his four A' levels over three years because of some health issues earlier). Thanks for your help - we're certain it contributed to his success!"

☆ "She didn't get the chance to take her A-levels because of Covid, so we will never know how she would have done after the course. Her grades were based on her progress before the course with no other considerations unfortunately. Disappointing to say the least, but she got into her back up choice and is doing well at the University of Leicester in Astrophysics. Thank you for the learning opportunity. Neither of us view it as a waste as her Maths and Physics teachers just stopped showing up after the schools went into lockdown and you filled the gap they left in her final lessons."

☆ "Thanks for getting in touch. He really enjoyed the course and it really helped him. Not that it actually mattered for the exams last year as they did not take place. He did get into his chosen University at Nottingham and that I think is the main point.  I guess exams last year and this year are not going to be treated as 'normal' results. Hope that everything gets back to normal after summer."

☆ "I hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know that he received a ‘B’ in his maths A-level (October 2020 exam). It all got a bit dramatic at the end as one other student tested positive for Covid for the previous paper; my son was among the students waiting in the hall with him for that exam to begin and therefore was not allowed to sit the final paper!But it has all worked out. Thank you for your help with his revision. We know it contributed to the positive outcome.We hope you have a lovely holiday, despite current circumstances. All very best"

☆ (Oxford PAT) "Thanks for all your help though, it's been invaluable."

☆ (Oxford PAT) "She enjoyed the online course"

☆ (Oxford PAT) "I just wanted to say thank you so much for running the course on the weekend, it was extremely interesting and useful for preparation. I hope you have a good rest of the week."

☆ (A-level Maths Course & Tuition) "That's great, thank you for all your help!"

☆ (A-level Physics Tuition) "Thank you for your update. Pleased to hear she is in a good place. She truly enjoys her lessons with you and thanks to your efforts she has got an A* predicted grade. Meanwhile, she continues to enjoy her Physics lessons with you."

☆ (GCSE Physics Tuition) "Thanks for the lesson today. He enjoyed studying Physics with you."

A-level Physics & Maths Courses & Tuition 2019 Testimonials

☆ "Maths A, Physics A. Has gone to Edinburgh to read engineering. Thanks for what you did."
☆ "I had planned, and am, taking a gap year to apply to university next year. Still, my exams went well and I managed to achieve an A* in Maths. Many thanks for your help and I hope you too are doing well!"
☆ "I managed to get a good A - only a few marks of the A* - in my maths exam, which is what I needed. I am now studying music at King’s College London and it is going well! Thank you for the course, without it I am not sure I would have achieved the A. Best wishes"
☆ "I received the results I needed and I would like to thank you for all of your help, I doubt I would have been able to do it without you. Many thanks."
☆ "She gained a place to study medicine with QMUL-Malta. So she is extremely happy"
☆ "My daughter achieved what she was aiming for - a B in Maths. As she achieved As in both English and Drama, she was accepted at her first choice - she is now happy to be studying English at Bristol university. Many thanks for all your help."
☆ "My son sat OCR MEI A Level Maths and attained a B. He secured a place at Cass Business School, City University of London to study BSc Investment and Financial Risk Management and is very much enjoying it.
We are happy at the rigorous MEI board which puts him in a good position to do well on his quantitive based course.
Many thanks for your help as we believe it helped tremendously.
Asif sends his regards and thank you. You will be delighted to hear he is doing well at uni intending to go into investment banking and has also been chosen as Personal Representative for his degree year. Kindest regards."
☆ "Thank you so much for your kind message. Yes. she got into the Uni she wanted."
☆ "I am actually already at university, I redid my Physics because last year I was only a mark off my A. ( I do Medicine at Bristol). I did, however, get an A. All the best. Kind Regards."
☆ "My son achieved a B for physics and is off to Cardiff University to do his degree in Civil Engineering. Thanks for your help in this matter."
☆ "My son got an A in Physics after being predicted a B! He did really work hard and the course was a great benefit, he missed the uni course he wanted due to a C in Drama but has accepted another course, Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering at Birmingham Uni which is the Uni he wanted to go to. Thanks for the revision help I would definitely recommend it."
☆ "My physics result was good. I managed to get an A and wasn’t too far of an A*. I achieved the grades I needed for Oxford so shall be matriculating in October. Thank you so much for your help. I more than happy to write a short testimonial. All the best!"
☆ "Thank you for your help with the course in the Easter Holidays. It vastly improved my Physics ability and enables me to get a B and get me into Nottingham University to do a mathematics course for the next three years. Thank You. "

☆ "I would just like to thank you for all your help and support during my time at college. Thank you for believing in me and helping me to fall back in love with maths."

☆ "Many thanks once again for all the help and inspiration you have given the boys." (A* in A-level maths and further maths)

☆ "Thank you for all your help this year. I feel like my physics has vastly improved under your teaching, and I have got you to thank for getting a good grade in August! Thank you again."

Reply from mother: "He's thrilled, he got 9s in both (GCSE maths and physics). 145/180 in physics, 181/200 in maths. Thank you so much for all of your help".

☆ "My daughter really found your revision courses useful, it was just what she needed to kick start the revision for her A levels.  She thought your style easy to understand and all the paperwork you supplied will be incredibly useful."

☆ "Thank you so much for the excellent Physics Easter revision course that my son attended from 6-9 April."

☆ "I got a C in my physics which I was extremely proud of because I was expecting a D or lower but needed a B to get into university so didn’t get into my first choice but got into my insurance choice. Kind regards."
☆ "My son went on one of your physics revision courses in Easter. Matthew got a C for his physics, a B for Maths and C for Economics. (He did well on paper 1 and 2 with economics but his paper 3 was weaker and brought final score down.) He was predicted higher but it has been a long hard slog this year to get him to knuckle down so we were pleased he got reasonable grades. He has a degree apprenticeship secured to train as a quantity surveyor and will go part time to Westminster so I hope he settles down. Thank you and I am sure your course helped him. I know a couple of his friends also went on the course with him for that week but I don't know their results."
☆ "My son managed to get into his chosen university and course (Sussex university to study business management).
I'd like to give you a bit more background.  Despite obtaining an A* at GCSE in Physics, he had a very difficult first year at A level and got far behind.  He was on the back foot going into the second year of A levels and failed his mock Physics in February of this year.  Your course was certainly of great help and came at a time when he was doing his best to catch up on lost ground.  He said at the time that he found your course very helpful and it improved his confidence and understanding.  His A level grade was two grades above his mock result and, from this viewpoint, he did make good progress in the little time he had available.  In summary, your course was a much needed boost and helped towards him turning round a difficult position.
Thank you again for helping with improving his understanding of Physics."

☆ "She got BBB (Maths Physics Economics) her first choice was Newcastle with ABB for Computer Science and she got her place. Deferred to 2020.
She is really happy. All well in the end. Thanks and regards."

☆ "Hope you having a good summer. She found your course extremely useful and will be back in sure this academic year in the run up to A level exams. Her predictions for next year are A* in physics and A in maths (I might have that mixed up!) but yes, the course gave her a boost in confidence for the end of year exams."

☆ "I am pleased to say physics was her best grade and will be doing a foundation year to get into the uni of her choice.
I thank you for your help it really did benefit her.
Again a huge thank you and I am already recommending you to friends."

☆ "Yes he did very well. I think the course gave him the strategies to get his head around the material and the confidence to believe he could do it. He got his grades and uni entry and a scholarship to support him. I have passed your details onto his physics teacher to bear in mind if she has others in a similar situation. Really proud of him. Thanks for your input."
☆ "She got an A in physics and is going to Oxford. The materials from your course were very good so thank you."

A-level Physics & Maths Courses 2018 Testimonials

☆ "Hi Anthony, I hope you are doing well. I am happy to tell you that I achieved a grade A in A Level Physics and I am now studying Physics at the University of Warwick. Thank you for all your help."

☆ "My son got an A grade in both Maths and Physics and is now studying Architecture at Sheffield which was his first choice University. He was very pleased with the Physics course and felt it helped him achieve his required grade. Many thanks for your help."

☆ "My son achieved A’s in Mathematics & Physics to add to his Geology A. Physics was the course he was worried about. He is now at Durham University studying Geology, which was his first choice and he has settled in well and loves it at Durham.
Your Physics course gave a much-needed boost for the exam, he was on a gap year, so was self-studying from his previous years school notes, on-line and from your course. He was far more confident after your course, it probably got him over the line.
Thanks very much once again."

☆ "Hi Anthony. Thanks so much for the speedy response. The booking is for my son who is doing OCR physics and Edexcel Maths, in the new linear format.
You may be interested to know that we’ve booked on the recommendation of my step daughter who did your Maths course last year, and found it very helpful ... and went on to get an A! Very best wishes"

☆ "Hi Anthony- my daughter did very well in her A levels - she got A* maths, A history and B in English lit so she went to Edinburgh and I’m glad to say she loves it there and is settling in. Thanks for all your help"

☆ "Having secured my A* in Maths, I am delighted to recommend this course which was really helpful to me"

☆ "In my A levels I got 3A*(Maths, Further Maths and Physics) and 1A (Computer Science) and am therefore going on to study engineering at Imperial. Thank you for all the help and guidance you gave me in the lead up to exams as the A* in physics wouldn't have been possible without your tutoring and the course in April."

☆ "I got an A*, which I actually can’t believe! I’m so so happy but couldn’t have done it without you, thank you so much for all your help! I’m now off to Liverpool to study veterinary medicine."

☆ "And now onto my son. A BIG Thank you for helping him out. He has improved his grades in all the papers he has sat. On that note he has joined UC Berkeley."

☆ "Thank you so so much for all your patience and support. You made a massive impact and she would not have done so well without you"

☆ "My daughter attended your core 3&4 revision sessions at Imperial College for OCR MEI. She was so nervous about the grade as she needed an A and was struggling.
I just wanted to thank you as she secured her A with an excellent Core 3 paper. We cannot thank you enough for all of your help as the last refresher online really have her confidence that she cld tackle it. She got her A*AA and A* epq so is starting her Economics BSC at Bristol in September... wld not have managed this without your help
Many many thanks"

☆ "Just wanted to say a big thank you for getting me from an E to a B (possibly an A? if remarks come through, I was 4 marks off!)"

☆ Pre-exam results:

"I wanted to send a brief email to say how pleased we have been with the support everyone has given my daughter this year. Academically, she seems to have developed a good working relationship with Anthony Korte and developed greater confidence in her maths. But what has also been great for her is that your team have been able to offer such flexibility to enable her to make the most of her year. So she has been able to take up the work experience and sporting opportunities even if that meant reshuffling her lessons. That has made a big difference.

So let’s hope she has done well enough in her exams to justify Anthony’s confidence in her being able to upgrade her Further Maths A to an A* and get her Imperial place!"

Post-exam results:
"As you know, I managed to get myself into Imperial! Thank you very much for all your help and support last year, I couldn’t have done it without you!"

☆ "I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for teaching me this past year and that I got an a* in physics and maths which I am very pleased about."

☆ "I have just got my results and have got an A in both chemistry and physics, was also really close to an A* in both. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me this year, I could not have asked for a better tutor. Thank you for helping me realise my dream of being a dentist, I am truly grateful."

A-level Physics & Maths Courses April 2018 TRUSTPILOT Ratings

Read TRUSTPILOT ratings here: review for

☆ "Great course. It was great experience, a lot covered in 4 days. Would definitely recommend"

☆ "Incredibly helpful, patient and supportive tutor with really useful session tailored for the appropriate exam board"

☆ "My son really enjoyed both the Physics & Maths courses and feels far more confident for his exams coming up"

☆ "recommended"

☆ "Anthony Korte is such a cool, likeable teacher with a good teaching style"

Oxford PAT Course 2019 Testimonials

☆ "I did your PAT course in late September and this week received an offer to read physics at Oxford. I could be more thrilled and would like to thank you very much!"

☆ " Just to let you know the good news - I got into physics and philosophy at Balliol (course & college I was hoping for)."

Oxford PAT Course 2018 Testimonials

☆ "I’m just letting you know I’ve been offered a place at Oxford at my first choice college, Pembroke and I’m delighted. I really think our sessions helped me prepare for the PAT and interview, so thank you very very much!"

☆ "Just to update you: I just received an Engineering offer from Trinity College, Oxford! I have also received an offer for Imperial, which I will probably choose as my insurance!
Thank you very much for all your help both during the online course and after! Yours tips and explanations helped me do well and feel confident in both the PAT and the interviews!
Happy New Year and thank you again!"

☆ "Excellent tutorial. Revision through the topics for the PAT exams. Highly recommended"

☆ "Outstanding.
The course was very extensive, helping me extend my knowledge beyond my A level syllabus. I was opened to new ways of thinking, and was taught to tackle complex problems using alternative methods. I would definitely recommend this course to other students."

☆ "Absolutely incredible worth every penny"

☆ "Great feedback from my teenager who attended both Maths & Physics days. "Really useful and helpful revision for PAT. Covered key elements of syllabus (including new areas) with plenty of time to do questions, as well as giving lots of tips on how to approach specific styles of questions and timing. Anthony asked in advance what aspects we wanted to include, and also followed up after the course with further advice and information (plus a good luck message)." As a parent I was impressed by admin and communication."

☆ "My daughter has enjoyed the course and learned so much. The support provided after the course is also much appreciated."

☆ "My daughter found the course to be just what she needed in the lead up to the PAT, and handouts/resources were excellent."

Oxford Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) 2017 Course Rating (SurveyMonkey)

100% Excellent

Oxford Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) 2017 Course testimonials

From our Oxford PAT 2017 Course SurveyMonkey Feedback:

☆ "The ability to interact fully with the tutor was fantastic, because it meant I could very easily control both what he was teaching me, and how he went about teaching me".

☆ "Anthony went through each individual question in depth and presented multiple solutions which really allowed me to understand what the PAT was all about".

☆ "Very informative".

Tuition testimonials

☆ "Hello Anthony, I've got good news. My daughter has an unconditional offer from St. Catherine's school. We are so happy. Thank you for your help".

☆ "My daughter has her mock exam results, she got 9 in her Physics. I will book her lessons shortly with you for next week. I would like to thank you so much to you and I will find more students for you. :)"

☆ "Hello, we have good news from school today. We have been offered a place at Cheltenham Ladies' College. Thank you for your help and support".

☆ "Hi, I got 95% in C3 and 98 in C4! and I got my 3 A's so I'm going to Oxford! Thanks for all your help, couldn't have done it without you!"

☆ "Thank you so much for your amazing teaching, support and for believing in me throughout this year. I was over the moon with my maths result and delighted to get into Manchester my 1st choice University!"

☆ "You are the best maths teacher I have ever had and I feel without your encouragement this would not have been possible".

☆ "Thank you for your kind words and all your help. You have been a great mentor for him. He enjoyed your lessons (maths, further maths and physics) always".

☆ "Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the boys and my daughter".

☆ "To a totally brilliant teacher. A huge thank you. Thank you for all your help!"

☆ "I would like to sincerely express my gratitude to you for teaching me these two Maths modules (Econ1004 and 1008, UCL Economics, first year) and having revision classes with me. I improved greatly after having your lessons and I very much appreciated your thorough preparation for every single lesson with me.

☆ "Hi I'm sure you will be very happy to hear that he got an A for one module and a B for another, an A overall. He also got into city uni and will be doing mechanical engineering, I would like to thank you for all your help and effort. We wish you and your family well."
Again, thank you very much for your teaching".

Revision Courses

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