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- What courses do you offer?
We offer online and face-face courses for the Oxford PAT and for A-level maths, further maths and physics. The face to face courses are held at Imperial College or the London School of Economics (LSE).

- Why choose
We have 25 years of tuition and teaching experience, helping students gain entry to their first choice of university. Our tutors are themselves Oxbridge graduates with higher degrees in maths and physics (i.e. MSc and PhD level). We also teach A-level maths, further maths and physics at OFSTED inspected private schools where we also provide Oxford PAT and Cambridge NSAA, maths, further maths and physics A-level revision courses, very often to students from other schools (e.g. Westminster school, St. Paul's and Charterhouse) during the holidays (half-term, Christmas, Easter and Summer). Online courses deliver the same content as our face-face courses and have the same course resources. These courses are held and delivered in London, but you can attend our online courses (via Zoom) at your desired location. Also, see our testimonials for satisfied clients.

- Can you give me an idea of your qualifications, experience and testimonials?
Please see our TestimonialsQualifications, and Experience.

- Do you aim to teach material that I have not yet covered at A Level for the Oxford PAT courses?
Yes. The courses cover the Oxford PAT syllabus. If you are applying to Oxford in your final year of A-levels, this will ensure you have covered the PAT syllabus not covered yet at A-level (normally students haven't covered all the PAT topics yet).

- Do you teach exam technique to maximise performance?
A large part of the course is showing the student how to answer A-level and Oxford PAT questions quickly and efficiently, illustrating by example - we cover many exam past paper questions in the course.

- I am currently struggling with the questions and getting low marks, is it likely that I will be able to improve significantly?
We train the student in answering Oxford PAT questions quickly and efficiently as time is very short in the exam. Remember that those who score roughly 70% are short-listed. Attending the course will greatly improve your chance of being short-listed. See Oxford's physics department's past papers and reports for a year by year breakdown of the score where a student is short-listed.

- Can you give an idea of the aims of the Oxford PAT course and its advantages?
The course covers the Oxford PAT syllabus. A large part of the course is showing how to answer Oxford PAT questions quickly and efficiently, illustrating by example - we'll cover many exam past paper questions in the course. Each day of the course is demanding on the student - it's an all day event where the student has to work solidly throughout. Students will therefore benefit from seeing how a large number of Oxford PAT questions are answered and they will also practice many questions themselves. We also cover the kind of interview questions that could also be asked by the examiners in the PAT exam. Breaks and lunch are working Q&A sessions, that the student can attend to ask their own specific questions.

- Is the course specific to my needs?
If you have any specific topics or past-paper questions you'd like to cover in more detail, we encourage you to e-mail these beforehand so we can tailor the course more to your requirements.

- Do you have any Oxford PAT solutions?
We've uploaded a long solution to Oxford PAT 2012, qu.22 and notes on the 2017 Specimen paper, and other solutions (2017-date) on our Oxford PAT long solutions page

We also provide a free solutions service for Oxford PAT questions. Post your Oxford PAT questions here: Oxford PAT Solutions

- Do you have any A-level Maths or Physics solutions?

We provide a free solutions service for maths and physics questions. Post your questions here:

A-level Maths Solutions

A-level Physics Solutions

- I'm unsure about whether to book a course. Can I book one hour of tuition on selected maths or physics topics to help me decide?
Yes, we offer tuition either online (through the zoom platform) or face to face in London. Contact us in order to book one or more one-hour sessions.

- What happens on payment?
You'll receive a confirmation of receipt of payment e-mail followed up by an e-mail enquiry from us responding to any questions you may have to tailor the course to your requirements. Please feel free to make requests beforehand for topics or past paper questions you'd like to see covered in more detail.

- Do I need a PayPal account?
No, you don't need a PayPal account. You can complete payment as a guest. Payments are completed on the PayPal website, so that you enter your payment details on their website so your payments are covered by PayPal security and we do not have any access to your payment details.

- What is the cost for the face to face courses at Imperial College or the LSE?
Please see the course pages.

- What is be the maximum and minimum numbers roughly on the workshop held at the LSE?
The minimum number of delegates is 1 (in which case the event will be 1-1), and the maximum for the room is 30 delegates, but this depends on demand.

- Are refreshments and lunch included for the workshops held at the LSE?
We don't provide lunch, but we'll break for 1 hour for lunch from 12:30-1:30pm. Where we're different from other courses is that the lunch break is a Q&A session which the student is free to attend and ask questions, so it's still productive and we encourage students to bring their lunch so they can ask questions. Otherwise there are many places in South Kensington where the student can buy lunch. If the course is held at the LSE there are many places to buy lunch near Holborn.

Revision Courses

Book A-level Maths, Further Maths, A-level Physics & Oxford PAT Courses at the London School of Economics, London or Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX & Online